Destiny Goebel Goebel

Age: 21
State: FL
Nickname: Destiny
Hometown: West Palm Beach
Height: 5 '  8 "
Weight: 125 lbs.
Occupation: Student, Redline/VPX Model
Hobbies: My passion is Modeling, but other hobbies of mine are working out, going to the beach, shopping, and creating sketches of clothing designs / customizing my own clothes!


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Why should you be chosen to be in the 2012/2013 calendar?

I should be chosen for 2012/2013 Redline Calendar Girl because I am very determined, I love health, and staying fit. Redline/VPX products are always a huge part of my day! I love informing others on our products at work and every where I go! I enjoy working out, styling clothes, and modeling.

Favorite Sports Team:
I love motocross!
  Favorite Movie/Actor:
Angelina Jolie
Go-to Karaoke Song:
What's up by Four Non Blondes
  First Job:
Hostess/reservationist at the Cafe Boulud of Palm Beach
Favorite Quote:
"The way you do anything, is the way you do everything"
Favorite Motto:
Be a change you wish to see in the world.