Melanie Grawzo

Age: 23
State: FL
Nickname: Melanie Kate
Hometown: Coconut Creek
Height: 5 '  4 "
Weight: 108 lbs.
Occupation: Student/Model
Hobbies: I love to play spots, do make up, shop, and bedazzle anything and everything in my spare time.


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Why should you be chosen to be in the 2012/2013 calendar?

Hey guys! I'm Melanie Grawzo if you dont already know me and i'm currently a REDLINE model. I'm 20 years young and I am also a REDLINE lady panther ice dancer. I love playing sports and being active everyday.Thanks to redline and their supplements I am an energizer bunny all day. I would love to be in the calander because it would be supper dupper cool to say ,"Hey lookie! I'm in VPX's calander so go buy one!". But enough about me, time to go do the right thing called VOTE so go press that button down there and help a girl out. Dont forget, my names Melanie Grawzo ;)

Favorite Sports Team:
Miami U -GO CANES!
  Favorite Movie/Actor:
Favorite movies TWILIGHT!!
Go-to Karaoke Song:
save the world tonight
  First Job:
Favorite Quote:
If life throws you lemmons, make lemonade then sell it for $5 a cup.
Favorite Motto:
Just smile and nod, even if you want to rip their heads off.